Our industrial tools

Power Plants

SURSCHISTE enhances the products from Power plants.

Ash can be marketed directly from the dust collector of the power plants

Ash can be stored in silo

Ash can be moistened and put on the stockpile. Ash will be dryed after regarding to the clients.

Ash stockpiles

Since the beginning of the Power plants, you can find a lot of ash stockpiles.

SURSCHISTE is in charge of the mining of ash stockpile.

This operation is very important in the policy of Environment of SURSCHISTE.

UPPC – Units Ready Products Compounds

In 2000, SURSCHISTE builds its first Unit in the East of France in SAINT AVIOLD in order to product and sale other products than ash like hydraulic binders..

In 2001, another Unit has been built on the site of PROVENCE in the South of France.

In 2016, a third Unit appears in Provence.


In order to ensure the delivery of ashes and to satisfy the clients all along the year, SURSCHISTE has built 2 Dryers :

  • 1 in SAINT AVOLD
  • 1 in HORNAING

The Hornaing dryer can work with a capacity of 50 tons of ash / hour and those of St Avoid with the capacity of 80 tons of ash / hour.

5.18 Million Tons of ashes has been dryed since 1989.