SURSCHISTE is the operator in charge of the enhancement and sales of ashes and products from the Power plants.
SURSCHISTE with its 3 sales agencies covers most of France. Our Agencies are situated :

  • In the East of France : SAINT AVOLD
  • In the North of France : HORNAING
  • In the South of France : MEYREUIL

The headquarters is in LENS.

SURSCHISTE owns also stockpiles :

  • The ash stockpile of HARNES COURRIERES
  • The ash stockpile of VERMELLES
  • The ash stockpile of HORNAING
  • The schist stockpile of TERRIL SAINT FONTAINE

Since 1959, more than lions tons of ash marketed to date, volume equivalent to a pyramid as
high as the Eiffel Tower with a 26 football pitch base.